What c-gold is

Ever since e-commerce (electronic commerce; goods and services sold and bought using electronic means, ie. The Internet) began gaining ground during the last decade, its wider acceptance has been hindered by politics and policies in many countries.

The fact that about 10% of retail trade - in fact up to 40% in specific niche markets - in the developed world is now e-commerce-based, is therefore an amazing achievement, as it developed despite those politics and policies. These include outright disinterest, even ignorance, in the government and banking sectors in some countries.

However, if there were ways and means to circumvent some of the worst of these policies, by strictly legal means, then there is a very high probability that e-commerce would not only continue to grow at increasing speeds in the developed world, but could moreover surpass these achievements in many other countries.

Commerce Gold, or c-gold.com is an attempt to make that possible; to usher in a new era of technology-based, private commerce, in which borderless trade between individuals and corporations becomes not a distinct possibility, but, in fact, the norm.

Commerce Gold is the declared intent to bring Free Market Capitalism and thus Peace and Prosperity to the entire Planet.