Earn Gold just from referring others

Once you open a Holdings Account, you can start earning referral commissions if others who open accounts at c-gold.com have been referred by you. To do this, you simply have to ask them to use your referral link, which can be found in your account.

Your account number is automatically also your referrer number. Simply replace the 1234 in the link below with your own account number, and you can start referring other users, right away:

We will pay you 10% of all transaction fees we earn from accounts you referred. This means that if you referred both parties of a transaction (payer and receiver), then you earn 20%.

When you send someone your link and he or she visits the c-gold.com website, but doesn't open an account right away, but comes back up to ten days later to open an account, then this Holdings Account will still be counted as referred by you.

So it's a good idea to start referring your friends, business associates and acquaintances right away, before someone else does, and before they find out about c-gold on their own.