Regarding Fraud


The Operator of is not conducting any business other than what is described on this website. We do NOT buy or sell or exchange gold (!)

All transactions conducted using the System are final and irrevocable. Using our services is in no way protecting you from being defrauded and you must not assume that we can help you or protect you if you end up losing money to fraudulent third parties.

While we will take action against users who abuse the System, we are in no position to reverse transactions once a payment between two User Holdings Accounts has been completed.

It is also not part of our business to help Users to recover their gold or goods! Always make sure that you know whom you are dealing with and conduct your own research BEFORE making a transaction.

If you receive unsolicited emails with outstanding offers, ask yourself why anyone would have to be spamming if the offer was genuine. Please also seek legal advice before entering into any agreements and contact a financial advisor before investing in any (online) businesses.

Please always remember that offers that sound too good to be true often are.