How do I fund my Holdings Account?

You cannot buy c-gold or fund your Holdings Account with any fiat currency from or the Operator.

The c-gold system is a closed book-entry system and you can only fund your account by either bailing in a gold bar, or by buying c-gold from someone who already has some in his or her Holdings Account. However, there are several independent exchangers who are offering c-gold for sale in exchange for other online currencies and/or for a wire transfer, bank deposit, etc.

Can really anyone add gold and redeem gold bars?

Yes. Any user with an active and verified User Holdings Account can visit a shop of the Commerce Gold Network and add gold to his or her account by bailing in a gold bar (type conditions apply). If the balance in your User Holdings Account exceeds 1,000 grams, you can also redeem a bar on the spot. If there is no Commerce Gold shopfront in your area, you can also request to have bars shipped to your registered street address at no surcharge (shipping, handling and insurance fees apply).

What is the Commerce Gold Network?

The CG Network are store fronts operated by independent franchisees under the supervision of the CGN Operator. Among other things, you can arrange to bail bars into your User Holdings Account, and also redeem bars, through most participating CGN shops.

Where is my nearest Commerce Gold Network Outlet?

New shop fronts are added on an ongoing basis, but it will take time to establish the Network in all major centers. A list of current shops is published from time to time on this website.

Why do you require my ID and utility bill scans?

For one, knowing who our customers are will help us to eliminate attempts to abuse the system. But various countries also make it mandatory for us to Know Our Customers, in order to combat terrorism, fraud, money laundering, child pornography, copyright infringements, etc.

Can I visit your office?

Arrangements to that effect can be made, but we are limiting such arrangements to the largest users. You can however visit shop fronts of the Commerce Gold Network, and can contact us through our website.

Where is the gold?

In secure private storage in the Repository. As the Commerce Gold Network grows, we will add several secure storage locations in areas that service the largest user bases.

How do I add c-gold payment options to my site?

You can either send them to the Payment Page on our website, or you can add our Click-to-Pay functionalities to your website. If you know HTML or are a coder, you can also use our point and click shopping cart interface.

Can I open more than one User Holdings Account?

Yes. You can open as many as you want, once you complied with our KYC rules.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do have a commission program that pays referers 10% of the transaction fees we earn from accounts that were opened by their referrals. Please contact us with your account number for your referral link and details about our referral and promotion banners.

Please note, we will not tolerate any spamming, and sending unsoliceted emails can lead to the suspension or even deactivation of your User Holdings Account.