• Exchange rates are provided strictly for User's convenience.
  • Exchange rates are for gold expressed in terms of various currency units (ie. 42.49 USD per gram (G)).
  • Commerce Gold does not warrant the accuracy of this data.
  • c-gold is accounted by weight of metal, not USD or any other National Currency unit.
  • c-gold fees are not related to these exchange rates. They are published on the fees page.

(rates last updated: 2018-03-21 14:46:17 GMT)
National Currency gold (G)
USD United States Dollar  42.49 
GBP Pound Sterling  30.19 
CAD Canadian Dollar  55.06 
EUR Euro  34.55 
CHF Swiss Franc  40.45 
AUD Australian Dollar  55.15 
BRL Brazilian Real  139.39 
CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi  268.56 
HKD Hong Kong Dollar  333.18 
INR Indian Rupee  2769.13 
JPY Japanese Yen  4412.31 
MXN Mexican Peso  789.32 
RUB Russian Ruble  2436.57 
ZAR South African Rand  506.13 
IDR Indonesian Rupiah  583753.69 
gold (G)