Commerce Gold - The alternative platform for global commerce

Cross-border trade is growing exponentially, and the Internet helps creating a level playing field for small operators from accross the globe. One of the main hurdles is however the ability of small business and individuals to send and receive payments, and the risks, high fees and long waiting times involved in using traditional payment methods, such as bank wires, credit cards, money orders, etc. enables users to overcome these hurdles by making online payments safe and easy:

  • transactions are immediate, 24/7
  • all transactions are final, cancellations are not allowed
  • every account user can send and receive payments instantly
  • clear identification and AML policies protect against fraud and theft
  • low transaction costs ensure frictionless commerce
  • gold is trans-national and eliminates exchange rate risks moreover operates real world shop fronts that allow almost instant bailments and redemptions of physical gold bars.

Who should use c-gold

Anyone who wants to send or receive secure, instant payments over the Internet and save on transaction fees and eliminate currency exchange risks:

  • online shops and service provider
  • businesses with cross-border customers
  • affiliate program operators
  • online games
  • paid subscription sites
  • fee-based download sites
  • pay-per-view content providers
  • On-line auction sites
  • international mail order businesses

Real Physical Gold Bullion

c-gold is fully redeemable for actual, physical gold bars, which makes the weight-based balance of a user account the same as buying physical gold with no taxes or surcharges.

Ease of Use

The entire c-gold platform is accessible from one convenient user interface, allowing you to check your balances, make and receive payments, review past transactions, and set up payment interfaces to accept c-gold payments from your website with a few clicks.

Peace of Mind

  • c-gold is 100% redeemable for gold bullion
  • All transactions are shown in the online book-entry system
  • Online access is secured through passphrase, session monitoring and IP logging
  • Transactions are final and irrevocable
  • Stringent KYC and AML processes ensure smooth interactions

Earn Revenue from Promoting c-gold.

Our referral program pays the referer 10% of all transaction fees from users who opened their respective holding accounts using a referral link, indefinitely.

The more new users you refer and the more transactions they conduct, the higher your revenue.

Anyone can exchange balances of his or her c-gold user holding account for goods, services, or local currency. This means anyone can act as an independent exchanger and charge a fee for that service.

Qualifying franchisees can generate revenue through opening a Gold Commerce shop in their neighbourhood.

Online Payment Gateway

The Click To Pay interface makes it easy for everyone to accept c-gold payments on their website. Just add a piece of code, or even a specific, individual link to your website.